Women Supporting Women Campaigning for Essex MP


Provincial New Democrats are showing support for Tracey Ramsey in her re-election campaign.

Ontario New Democrats from Oshawa, Hamilton, Waterloo and London paid a visit to Belle River to support the federal party member.

In addition, about 30 women from the community are helping with the campaign.

Ramsey says the focus is on issues that impact women most.

"Really we're here to talk about issues that impact women, we're 51 per cent of the population and there's only 26 per cent of us in parliament right now. There's some real concerns in the lives of women," she says.

While the Justin Trudeau Liberals are in power right now, Ramsey says she's hearing concerns over the prospect of a Conservative government under Andrew Scheer.

"Because women know and understand that a Conservative government means cuts to services and largely, it's women who are delivering those services at home. So they're the ones who are very deeply impacted," she says.

Waterloo New Democrat MPP, Catherine Fife says Ramsey has shown strong leadership.

"She's been such a strong voice for not only this community but women across the province," says Fife. "We need strong, principled women to be representing issues that are shared values like child care, like the environment."

Ramsey is running for a second term in office in this October's federal election.

Also seeking the riding is Chris Lewis for the Conservatives and Bill Capes for the People's Party of Canada. The Liberals have yet to announce a candidate.