Work Continues on Tecumseh CIP

Slowly but surely, progress is being made on the Tecumseh Rd. Main St. Community Improvement Plan (CIP) in Tecumseh.

Consultants were back at the council table on Tuesday evening with a brief update.

The plan that was originally approved back in May 2016, is now focusing on the area between Lesperance Rd. to Lacasse Blvd.

Mayor Gary McNamara says there have been a few changes since the last project update.

"The improvement to the laneway between the Legion and those businesses as well and then a new roadway connection into Lanoue."

He says some portions of the plan need to be revisited because of growth in the municipality.

"The sanitary sewer and part of that capacity, anything beyond what's on the books right now could create some issues moving forward. We need to revisit that, that wasn't there 18 months a go in that area, so I guess the good news is all the development that is now taking place."

With traffic flow and growth being two of the main sticking points in the CIP, McNamara says there are a lot of things to consider.

"We're looking at if there is some diversion, where is it going to divert to? Should it be the bypass? That's where we're hoping — and then there's capacity issues on 22 as well and the county is working on mitigating some of those issues as well."

McNamara says the current budget is somewhere between $24-million and $28-million. He hopes a public meeting will be scheduled before the end of spring so residents can get a full update and give their input.

When the project was initially approved in 2016, it was decided it would be budgeted as part of the 2017-2021 Public Works and Environmental Services Capital Works Plan.