Workforce Windsor-Essex Releases Career Profiles To Help People Find Work

Looking for a career and how to land a job in Windsor-Essex?

Workforce Windsor-Essex has released career profiles for 76 in-demand jobs in the region which includes details on job duties, skills, wages, working conditions and education needed to get the job.

The profiles were created following extensive consultations with employers and educators in the region.

Workforce WindsorEssex Executive Director Michelle Suchio says the profiles are aimed at helping young people, newcomers and adults looking to change careers make an informed decision.

According to Statistics Canada, the jobless rate for Windsor-Essex in September was 5.8% but youth unemployment sits at 9.6%

"We need to know what jobs employers need filled," says Workforce Windsor-Essex Board Chair Doug Sartori.  "Right now, there is a gap in employment in Windsor-Essex where although there are lots of people in work, there are lots of jobs that are available and we are looking to direct people to the jobs that are most needed to be filled."


(L to R) Karen Gill-Gore Associate VP at St. Clair College, President of the Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce Matt Marchand, Workforce Windsor-Essex Board Chair Doug Sartori and Workforce Windsor-Essex Executive Director Michelle Suchiu

President of the Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce Matt Marchand says the region needs to do a better job of convincing young people to pursue a career in skilled trades.

"The more young people that we get in, it is going to relieve the social stigma that in time has built up," he says.  "Skilled trades are a very very important part of our region and of our community. I talked about the fact that 40% of the upcoming jobs in the next 10 years will be the result of skilled trades."

The Windsor-Essex Chamber of Commerce estimates about $600-million of economic opportunities are left on the table from unfilled jobs and employers who can't bid on a contract because they don't have the workers.

Some of the in-demand jobs include plumbers, transport truck driver and computer programmer.  

The career profiles can be found at