Worse Than Normal Pothole Season Has Crews On A Blitz

If you believe you are seeing more potholes than usual...you're right.

City Engineer Mark Winterton says this is a worse than normal season for crumbling asphalt.

As a result they have 5 or 6 crews out daily trying to plug the biggest holes on the busiest streets.

Winterton admits it feels like an uphill battle.

"It's difficult at this time to stay up with them because you have water and the potholes are sometimes wet so the cold mix doesn't always stick really well"


AM800 file photo

Winterton says they can use extra eyes to pinpoint where the problem areas are.

"Unfortunately the roads are not in a great condition - that's an understatement - so we go out there and try our best to make them safe.  Certainly if you recognize a pothole that is particularly dangerous...call 3-1-1 and we will respond to it immediately"

Winterton says they never stop patching potholes, but this is high season for the work.

"This blitz we're probably going to be the next couple of weeks we're going to be going heavily on that, but it will continue year round.  And certainly we're going to be getting into the construction season very very shortly"

Winterton says the cold mix they're using now doesn't work as well as the "spray patch" system.

But he says the weather needs to warm up before they can dispatch the one unit they have for that system.