WRH Celebrating Zero Patient Harms

It's cause for celebration at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Both the Metropolitan and Ouellette campus' are celebrating the achievement of what staff call 'zero patient harm.'

The harm index is made up of three measures that are monitored week-to-week.

"It's hospital acquired infections, falls with injury and irreplaceable specimens," says Clinical VP Rosemary Petrakos. "So the last two weeks, we've had back-to-back at both sites. First at Ouellette, zero in all three and last week we had zero at met."

Petrakos says a lot of people thought it would be impossible to achieve a zero harm index but says "when we got two weeks, two different sites and actually almost a third week at one site with zero harm, is unheard of since we've been measuring this for the last 10 years."

'Zero harms' were recorded for the week ending February 9th at Ouellette campus and the week ending February 16th at Met campus.

Results are reviewed by hospital staff every Monday morning and action plans are put into place to address unfavourable results.