WRH CEO Anxiously Waits for Health Care Report

2019 may be a year of change in Ontario's health care system.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj says the province is expected to release a report in January with some structural changes in how health care funding is delivered.

"It is clear that this government wants to look at what they call structural changes to the way health care is governed across the province," says Musyj. "If you look at other provinces and the way they are structured, it is different than Ontario."

He agrees that changes are needed and is waiting anxiously for the report.is anxious for the report, saying "we are hearing that there is going to be a report released in January of 2019 regarding ending hallway medicine and that will probably have tenacles that will reach into the way health care is governed."

Musyj is interested to see what is indicated in the report but regardless of the changes, patients will still need to be taken care of.

He says although change is needed, no one has the magic solution on how to deal with the increase in demands in costs associated with health care with less dollars.