WRH Still Waiting On The Province

Windsor Regional Hospital remains in a holding pattern when it comes to a new urgent care centre downtown.

The former Grace Hospital site at the corner of Crawford Ave. and University Ave. was the initial proposed location.

But, Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj says it is up to the ministry of health to decide.

He says there is also a chance it could be put at the current Ouellette campus.

"We've provided them all of the information with respect to the capital costs of either scenario, the operating costs on a short, medium and long term plan and they have to provide us feedback with respect to what's going to be happening" he says.

Musyj says they're hoping to hear this month where the urgent care centre will be.

"But we'll have to wait and see because usually, coming up in October or early November here is the fall economic statement so it could be as late as that," says Musyj.

But he says it's still up in the air whether the urgent care centre will be at the former Grace site or the current Ouellette site.

"Possibly reusing the Ouellette site for an interim period of time," says Musyj. "What's defined as interim is to be determined but their goal is clearly, is there a way they can save monies considering they've made it very clear that we are in a financial situation as a province."

No decisions can be made until the provincial government is released from 'caretaker' mode — when the transitions from the previous Liberal government are all complete.

In early August, city council approved the rezoning of land on County Rd. 42 at the 9th Concession to make way for a new acute care hospital.

The current plan for the new acute care hospital calls for an urgent care centre. Musyj has said that the plan is not moving forward without an urgent care centre downtown.