Wyandotte BIA Reconsidering a Pledge to CAMPP

The Wyandotte Town Centre BIA is weighing whether it wants to move ahead with a pledge it made to support the CAMPP battle.

Several of the Windsor BIAs have made pledges and donations to the Citizens for an Accountable Megahospital Planning Process.

The Wyandotte group had pledged $1,000 to the fight against the proposed mega hospital site on County Rd. 42.

Newly appointed Wyandotte BIA Vice Chair Larry Horwitz says a final decision on their stance has not been made.

"As of now we have not given the money, it is in the form of a pledge. So we'll be really evaluating this."

He says Mayor Drew Dilkens' position that BIAs don't have the right to take such a position is a consideration.

"The words from the mayor have to be taken under consideration and evaluated because they are important in terms of the future of us and the BIAs.  At the same time CAMPP has some important suggestions and ideas regarding the future of hospitals in the area."

Horwitz says the matter is still under consideration.

"I haven't had a chance to make any determination yet.  And we'll work with the board and come to a conclusion on this."

Horwitz adds the Wyandotte BIA board will wait until after Monday's council meeting to make a decision.

The Ford City BIA has confirmed to CTV News it will not pledge $250 that its board was contemplating.

The Erie Street BIA did not respond regarding its $2,500 pledge.