YMCA In Windsor Collects 500 Hats, Mittens And Scarves

It didn't take long for some free hats, mittens and scarves to find a new home in downtown Windsor.

In its first Warm Hearts Warm Communities Campaign, staff and members at the YMCA on Victoria Ave collected and made 500 items to give away.

This morning, they tied the items to trees, poles and fences along Victoria Ave, Pelissier St and Ouellette Ave.

Within 30 minutes, every items had been claimed.

"We are going to distribute those downtown and hang them off of trees and different areas and they are free to a good home to anyone who needs them," says YMCA General Manager Andy Sullivan.

"Really it is something simple that we can do and it is something that can make a difference, that can make an impact for people in our community."


Courtesy of Andy Sullivan at the YMCA in Windsor. February 2017

The items were collected during a month long campaign in January. 

The items are being distributed today because it is Valentine's Day.