Your Kids May Be Looking For A New Drug Dealer

LaSalle police are sending a warning parents that your child may be looking for a new drug dealer.

The service reports after the recent arrest of a suspected drug dealer, police learned many students were looking for a new supplier or turning to other drugs.

Police say many of the students were suffering withdrawal symptoms.

The "safety alert" from the LaSalle Police Service was posted on its Facebook page.


The LaSalle Police Service warns parents of potential drug seeking behaviour after arrest of alleged drug trafficker. (Photo courtesy the LaSalle Police Service via Facebook)

Senior Constable Harbinder Gill says the post was not meant to be a scare tactic. "It's not meant to scare anybody, that's the last thing we want to do. In our case, we feel knowledge is power and if parents have the knowledge, they have the power to affect change."

"The message was meant to put parents on notice and to be mindful of who their kids are hanging out with," says Gill. ""There's some new face in the community that you didn't know or wasn't aware of, please call us, let us know or call Crime Stoppers. The ultimate goal — we can only build safer, stronger communities through our community's help."

Gill hopes people don't feel LaSalle is suddenly overrun by drugs, but rather that the post will encourage greater communication between the community and police. 

Earlier this month, LaSalle police charged a 20-year-old Amherstburg woman with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking after officers seized 130 capsules of suspected fentanyl.

A 24-year-old Windsor man was also charged.