Youth And Opioids Forum Draws A Big Crowd

Windsor-Essex is the 7th highest substance abuse county in Ontario with teens getting a hold of opioids in their own homes.

This comes from the Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre which hosted a forum Tuesday night to give parents and the public a chance to talk about what it calls an "epidemic reaching our community youth."

Tina Weber is a local mother who fostered more than 25 kids over an 11-year period many of who were troubled. She says forums like this are a must.

"We experienced the discord of the drug use within our home and it actually broke down our family relationship," says Weber. "Even though I haven't fostered for two and a half years, I just realized that the community still has a struggle today. We as parents and as a community should be aware of this issue."

Weber says her advice to parents today is to just listen.

"I would recommend open conversation," says Weber. "If you can listen, because sometimes we can think that there's much more going on. Then we find out, "Oh my god, I blew things out of proportion". And sometimes it can be the flip of that as well. It can be a bigger issue and you didn't even realize it."

Several community agencies were on hand to educate and inform on the signs and symptoms of opioid use among teens.

Around 200 people attended the forum at the Vollmer Complex in LaSalle.