Experts On Call

Businesses and Experts from Windsor Essex inform you about their business and take your calls.

  • Experts On Call- 10am- Downtown Mission

    Find out how to help and get involved with the Downtown Mission
  • Experts On Call- 9am- Adventure Bay

    Find out all about what's going on Family Day and all their new pricing
  • Experts on Call - 12pm - Dr. Moussa

  • Experts on Call - 11am - Schisler Spine

  • Experts on Call - 10am - Children's Aid Society

  • Experts on Call - 9am - Massage Experts

  • Experts On Call- 10am- Scott Mallender Insurance

    Find out all you need to know from the Scott Mallender himself
  • Experts On Call- 9am- John Dobrowolsky Sales Training

    Find out all about sales training from John Dobrowolsky
  • Experts on Call - 10am - St.Clair College

  • Experts on Call - 9am - Sentry WIndows

  • Experts On Call- 9am- The Mastercard Memorial Cup & Bigg Wiggle

    The Memorial Cup is right around the corner & Bigg Wiggle's involvement with the tournament
  • Experts on Call - 11am - Arbor Memorial