The Afternoon News

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  • Afternoon News - 5:20pm - Monarch Butterflies – Call on Gov’t to Protect Them

    We found out just what action is needed
  • Afternoon News - 4:20pm - Investigating Death of Man found on Windsor Road

    we'll hear how they're hoping it'll give them new information to solve the suspicious death
  • Afternoon News - 3:20pm - Dispelling the Myths about the new Hospital

    Windsor Regional CEO David Musyj puts those unfounded stories to rest as he speaks to a retirees gathering
  • Afternoon News - 4:50pm - Cancer Research gets boost from Caesars

    We heard from the head of UNIFOR who says the report underscores the need for some urgent legislative changes
  • Afternoon News - 4:20pm - Healthy Active Living -Protecting yourself against mosquitoes

    we're going to talk about the mosquitos this year and how to protect ourselves
  • Afternoon News - 3:20pm - Manchester Bombing

    We heard from Manchester police - as well as a security expert on how this horrific act can happen