The Afternoon News

The Afternoon News with Kathie McMann and Patty Handysides. Tune in to stay informed about local news, information and entertainment!

  • The Afternoon News- 4:20pm- Food & Drink Segment

    The Heart and Stroke Great Soup Kitchen is on next Thursday. We heard from some soup-makers
  • The Afternoon News- 3:50pm- Windsor Airshow

    The Windsor airport is host to an airshow this year, but with a few modifications
  • The Afternoon News- 3:20pm- Senior Abuse

    An investigation into elderly abuse in long term care centres
  • Afternoon News - 4:50pm - Relief in the local tomato sector

    We'll learn about it from the President of Highbury Canco
  • Financial Feature – Literacy Pilot

    Province is launching a pilot project at 29 schools to enhance financial literacy
  • Afternoon News - 3:50pm - Motorcycle safety

    Sargeant Steve Betteridge talked about 2-wheeled safety