The Afternoon News

The Afternoon News with Kathie McMann and Patty Handysides. Tune in to stay informed about local news, information and entertainment!

  • Afternoon News - 4:50pm - Local Mom Punishes son by Carrying a sign

    Made him carry a sign so he could feel what it's like to be bullied
  • Afternoon News - 4:20pm - Food & Drink – March Mac’Ness at Local Wineries

    We heard about a tasty event coming up - March Mac'Ness
  • Afternoon News - 3:50pm - Planned Giving Campaign at HDGH

    We heard about the new Planned Giving campaign
  • Afternoon News - 3:20pm - Oscar Broadcast

    We heard from Ben Mulroney in Hollywood as he gets ready for the big broadcast
  • Afternoon News - 5:20pm - Spit Stop

    Jeremy Bracco joins us on the Spit Stop
  • Afternoon News - 4:20pm - Financial Report

    Ryan French from BMO discusses the importance of a Tax Free Savings Account