The Noon Report

60 minute News and Information package that’s guaranteed to fill you up! Includes local and national news, weather, sports, business news, interviews and the Wheel of Contests.

  • Noon Report - Lasalle Vipers Report

    Time To Regroup
  • Inside the Colosseum

    A preview of upcoming shows at Caesars Windsor, with Entertainment Director Tim Tremblay
  • Noon Report - Lasalle Vipers Report

    Highway 3 Rivalry
  • Noon Report - Movie Preview

  • The Noon Report- Fast Food Apps

    Arms is not a fan of ordering food from apps and he tells us why???
  • The Noon Report- Industrial Fire

    Arms talks with Peter Langille who was on scene of a large industrial fire in South Windsor
  • The Noon Report- Vipers Report

    Get your playoff update on the LaSalle Vipers with head coach Bill Bowler
  • The Noon Report- Finances In A Marriage

    Arms discusses why finances are a main cause of divorce