TKO with Kara Ro

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The TKO Show, is hosted by Kara Ro, former professional boxing World Champion, coach, motivational speaker, mother of 2, and long time broadcaster. The TKO represents Talk, Knowledge, and Opinion as Kara takes on a variety of lifestyle issues such as parenting, fitness, music, relationships and health. Daily experts will help you navigate through issues and provide tips for success!


  • TKO Show - Career Zone

    John Dobrowolsky - Customer Service Training
  • TKO Show - 1:35pm - Harlem Globetrotter Hoops Green

  • TKO Show - Easter Seals Amassador Morgan Bennett

  • The TKO Show- Animal House

    Pet Psychic Leslie Cirinesi helps all the pet owners
  • The TKO Show- Nutrition

    Andrea Docherty joins us to teach us about "Eating for Energy"
  • The TKO Show - Higher Education

    Ann Heatherington St. Clair College, Director of Marketing and Recruitment
  • The TKO Show- Please Help! Parenting Segment

    We find out from parent educator Win Harwood on what to do when your child cries when you leave them in someone elses care
  • The TKO Show- Mental Muscle

    Christa Realba chats with Kara about how we can become the best version of ourselves
  • The TKO Show- Entertainment

    Toni Bruner joins Kara to talk about what's happenign all around Hollywood
  • The TKO Show- Money Magic

    Get some tips from Joshua Lane during this tax/budget time
  • The TKO Show- Food

    Meal prep madness with Luanne Dimitroff giving us all the tips on meal prepping
  • The TKO Show- Fashion/Beauty

    Kara talks with Sarah Rivard-Henry about face mapping

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