TKO with Kara Ro

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The TKO Show, is hosted by Kara Ro, former professional boxing World Champion, coach, motivational speaker, mother of 2, and long time broadcaster. The TKO represents Talk, Knowledge, and Opinion as Kara takes on a variety of lifestyle issues such as parenting, fitness, music, relationships and health. Daily experts will help you navigate through issues and provide tips for success!


  • TKO Show - 2:35pm - Music

    Ronnie Schneider gives us The Inside Story Of The Rolling Stones And The Beatles
  • TKO Show - 2:10pm - Entertainment

    We will find out about the new Musical Bat out of Hell
  • TKO Show - 1:35pm - Grand Prix

    Grand Prix Chairman Bud Denker of the 2017 Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Presented By Lear and Canadian Driver James Hinchcliffe preview the big race
  • TKO Show - 1:10pm - Inspire Segment

    JoAnne Dietrich Muegge Author –Speaker-coach- Author –Postcards from a Ragpicker
  • The TKO Show- Lifestyle

    Sarah Brabbs joins Kara to talk about 'What Do You Do About The A**hole In Your Life?'
  • The TKO Show- Nutrition

    What celiac disease is, what is gluten intolerance, what is gluten, signs and symptoms of celiac, tips for eating gluten free with Andrea Docherty
  • The TKO Show- Parenting

    Florence Ann Romano aka The Windy City Nanny tell us how kids can 'Ditch the Devices and Prioritize Play this Summer'
  • TKO Show - 2:35pm - Food

    Chef Steve Meehan, North 42 Winery- talks Holiday BBQ tips
  • TKO Show - 2:10pm - Drinking, Boating and the Law

    Brian M. Cameron talked about what you need to know about Boat Safety this Holiday weekend
  • TKO Show - 1:35pm - Mental Muscle

    If You Could Rewind Your Life, What Would You Change?
  • TKO Show - 1:06pm - Health and Safety

    Mary Ann Binnie, Manager, Nutrition and Industry Relations, Canadian Pork Council will talk about Getting to The Meat of The Matter: Are Canadian Babies Receiving Enough Iron?
  • The TKO Show- Millennial Lane

    Jeremy the Intern joins Kara to take her on a walk down millennial lane

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