Ward 8 Residents Pay Tribute to Former Councillor Bill Marra


A tribute to former Windsor City Councillor Bill Marra.

The Friends of Fontainbleau have installed a park bench thanking Marra for his contribution to the ward as well as renaming the gardens the 'Bill Marra Reading Garden.'

Organizer Greg Lemay says Marra was the councillor for the ward for 6 terms and residents wanted to recognize him.

A celebration took place Friday night at the Fontainebleau Library on Rivard.

Lemay says Marra made a huge contribution to the area.

"That park has enriched the lives of a lot of people in Ward 8 and it is very utilized, you go by that park any time and it is completely packed."

He says the recognition will live on for a long time.

"The parks crew redid the bench for me so there is a plaque in it and it says thanks Bill Marra for years of dedication from The Friends of Fontainebleau. Also we are renaming the gardens, it is going to be called the Bill Marra Reading Garden."

Lemay says it's a big thank you to Marra.

"It is a celebration of what Bill's years of service and the good things that  he did in our community, especially in ward 8  and I think it is time to pay it back and recognize that."

Marra decided not to run again in last year's municipal election after a 21-year career in municipal politics.

He is currently the vice president of external affairs at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare.