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Matthew Bisson

Freelance Employee

  • Thinks wearing a jersey of the teams he supports (Manchester United, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors) has a direct impact on the team's performance.
  • Has been voted sloppiest drummer in Ontario.
  • Thinks he can predict the weather with his Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Is over-polite, to the point of annoyance.
  • Has seen every arist/band that he possibly could, and wanted to, see live.
  • Pearl Jam "Vs." was the first CD he ever owned.
  • Sings what he's thinking, to a fault (a la Marshall from How I Met Your Mother).
  • Invests far too much time and money into records, graphic novels, and movies and television shows based on Graphic Novels.
  • Cites Kingston as his third home, after Port Hope and Toronto.
  • Is proudly of Aboriginal descent (Ojibway from M'Chigeeng, Ontario