Terry DiMonte

Terry DiMonte


I was born in Verdun and raised on the West Island to the sounds of CFOX and CKGM.  I was interested in how radio worked from my elementary school days. Working at the John Abbott College radio station I realized this was what I wanted to do as a job. Looked cool. And it was.

Thanks to a lady named Karen Saurenson at the CBC (who sent my tape to Ottawa) the people's network took a flyer on me and sent me to Churchill Manitoba in 1978. There were an awful lot of polar bears and it was stupid cold, but Peter Mansbridge got his start there so I figured I'd stick around and learn some things. And learn I did.

That was followed by time at CITI FM in Winnipeg, a few years in the record business, then back part time to radio when I realized I wasn't mean enough to be in the record game.

Enter Rob Braide who is running CHOM and thinks I could be a morning man. In 1984 I began a run that lasted nearly 24 years on Montreal morning radio through 3 formats; CHOM, The MIX (everyone thought I was crazy) CJAD ( what are you insane??? Follow George Balcan???) and back to CHOM. Then, things got really insane and I left for Calgary for a 4 year stint at Q107, Calagary's only classic rocker. Fun, cold, a great view of the mountains. Then one day....riiiiing! Want to come home? You bet.