Brock Tufts


  • I was born in beautiful Belleville, Ontario. They’ve got water and streets there…that’s pretty much it.
  • I’m a graduate of Algonquin College in Ottawa. I’m banned from the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market (not actually, but I probably should be).
  • As far as TV goes, nothing beats The Office:  Friends, That 70s Show and Friday Night Lights come pretty close.
  • My favourite movie is Miracle and my favourite kinds of people are the ones that can quote it.
  • I was drafted to the OHL…in the thirteenth round, a round I’m pretty sure won’t exist in the future.
  • I used to work at a Lonestar and my name was “Garth”, I have plenty of Friends in Low Places.
  • I’ve spent over $2000 on concerts since I graduated high school (legit, I did the math). Thanks OSAP!
  • I’m a Leafs and a Blue Jays fan.
  • When I drink I dance, and when I dance I stop drinking.