NCC expands Pugwash Estuary Nature Reserve, Chignecto Isthmus

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has announced the expansion of two more conservation areas in the Maritimes.

Two properties totaling 49 hectares were donated by Matthew Currie, an American living in Vermont, pushing the Pugwash Estuary Nature Reserve to one of the NCC's largest in Nova Scotia at 504 hectares in total.

The donated lands, located on the eastern arm of the Pugwash Estuary at Docherty's Brook, are mainly forested, and border coastal wetlands, which provide important habitat for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl.

The NCC also announced the addition of 7 hectares of mature forest and wetlands on the Chignecto Isthmus, the narrow link between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The group says this is the second property on the Chignecto Isthmus donated to NCC by the late Daniel Lund of Sackville, and means 1,390 hectares are now protected for the wildlife corridor.

The NCC says this donation will also help provide an important link between land they already conserve and the Tintamarre National Wildlife Area, managed by Environment and Climate Change Canada.