Nova Scotia Conservatives promise 'no boondoggle' law, but offer few details

Nova Scotia's Tories are promising to introduce a "no boondoggle guarantee" if they are elected in the May 30 provincial election.

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says any time a government project exceeded its budget by more than 10 per cent, that would trigger an automatic internal audit, the results of which would be made public.

He made the promise Friday at his campaign headquarters in Halifax, though he had few details to offer when asked how the new law would work.

Baillie would not set a threshold when asked what level of government spending would be covered by the guarantee.

And he said a Conservative government would work out the details later when asked if the new law would come with any legislative teeth, like fines or other penalties.

The campaign pledge was part of a package of reforms aimed at increasing accountability among the political parties and the government.