WATCH: Stone Temple Pilots Bring 9-Year-Old Fan On Stage

Stone Temple Pilots recently invited a 9-year-old fan on stage to sing the band's classic song "Dead & Bloated."

At their show in Phoenix, newly-minted STP singer Jeff Gutt told the crowd that he grew up with Vedder Gabriel’s father.

The boy’s YouTube channel has videos showing him singing STP songs like “Meadow” and “Roll me Under.”

While emulating the late Scott Weiland's baritone like Gutt does is off the table for Vedder, he clearly knows the song like the back of his hand. The words came easily, and despite the excitement of the moment, he didn't rush anything.

Gutt walked over to help Vedder with the bridge, but the boy nailed the transition anyway.

Later in the bridge Vedder seems to lose his wind a bit (he had been jumping up and down for about three minutes), Gutt took over again to deliver a line or two, then handed the mic right back. 

The two traded lines at the end of the tune and Vedder gave a totally pro-sounding "thank you" as the final chords rang out.

Vedder has previously been invited on stages to jan with Thirty Seconds to Mars and country singer Brad Paisley.

Check out the full video below!

Original article by Andrew Magnotta at iHeartRadio