24 drivers charged under Move Over Law in northern N.S. on Sunday

Police in northern Nova Scotia were busy over the weekend, issuing fifty tickets and warnings to drivers.

Two men, 18 and 19, were charged for stunting on Highway 104 in Salt Springs on Saturday.

RCMP Northwest Traffic Services say the vehicles were travelling 54 km/h above the speed limit.

On Sunday, between Fort Lawrence and Fenwick in Cumberland County, police charged 24 drivers under the Move Over Law, seven drivers for speeding, and one for not wearing a seatbelt.

Cumberland District RCMP also issued 16 warnings and two defect notices to drivers for various offences under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Road safety campaign also carried out on Highway 101

RCMP say the Move Over Law was enforced last Thursday by measuring vehicle speed and with officers monitoring lane use.

58 vehicles were checked for compliance and 46 tickets were issued to drivers who either did not slow down to 60 km/h or did not change lanes when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights flashing, when it was safe to do so.

Police say five other tickets were issued, including three for speeding, in addition to twelve warnings and defect notices.