4.5 tonnes of unmarked genetically modified salmon fillets sold in Canada

It appears Canadians were among the first diners in the world to eat a genetically modified animal, and they likely didn't know it.

U.S.-based AquaBounty Technologies says in a recent fiscal update about 4.5 tonnes of its fresh AquAdvantage salmon fillets were sold in Canada between April and June.

The company got approval from Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection agency last year to sell the product.

AquaBounty, which has a production plant in P.E.I., did not say exactly where the salmon was sold, and the company's spokesman could not be reached right away.

Health Canada doesn't require labelling on genetically modified food because the items have been assessed for safety and nutritional standards.

AquaBounty's salmon contains genetic material from ocean pout and Chinook salmon to help it reach adult size faster.