A taste of the East Coast: King of Donair bringing N.S. favourites out West

They're spicy, they're sweet, and now, they're moving West.

Traditionally, the donair wrap, a beloved Nova Scotia delicacy consisting of a warm pita piled high with spiced meat, donair sauce and other toppings, has been almost entirely exclusive to the East Coast.

But Nicholas Nahas, owner of King of Donair, says the franchise has already opened a store in Edmonton, with more to follow elsewhere in Alberta, as well as in B.C. and the other Prairie provinces.

The wrap, similar to a Greek gyro, was reputedly invented by King of Donair in 1973.

Kayla Burke, who runs the Edmonton shop, says many Nova Scotians move to Western Canada for work, and she's happy to offer nostalgic Maritimers a taste of home.

The Edmonton shop also sells other N.S. favourites like donair pizza and garlic fingers.