Acadian federation vows to go back to courts over electoral boundary redrawing

Nova Scotia's Acadian Affairs minister says he's baffled the province's Acadian federation wants to go back to the courts over a 2012 boundary redrawing that abolished three Acadian ridings.

Michel Samson says the move is unnecessary, especially since the sides have been talking and are close to a process that would address the federation's concerns.

The Acadian federation wants the government to seek court orders that would confirm the unconstitutionality of the 2012 boundaries.

They would also order the government to establish a new electoral boundaries commission with a mandate of ensuring effective representation for the Acadian community.

The federation says proceeding with an election before the boundaries are settled would be unconstitutional.

But Samson says the government doesn't share the same legal opinion when it comes to calling an election.

A Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruling released in January found the boundary redrawing under the former N-D-P government violated the voter rights section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.