Accused In St. F.X. Sex Assault Case Withdraws From School

A St. Francis Xavier University student accused of sexual assault has withdrawn from the school, capping a week of controversy after it was revealed he was allowed to remain on campus pending a criminal trial.

The school's president has apologized for the school's handling of the case and says after ``much reflection and advice'' he concluded that the student in question should withdraw from the university.

In a letter to the campus community, Kent MacDonald says he's also asked for the existing wording within the school's disciplinary code as it relates to appeals be reviewed.

In addition, he says he's asked for an update on the connection between St. F.X.'s new sexual violence policy and the university's code of conduct to ensure continuity between the work of the school's sexualized violence prevention committee and the university's judicial process.

MacDonald says the Antigonish university must continue to improve its policies to achieve the goal of a ``victim/survivor-focused approach.''

His comments come after The Canadian Press revealed a Toronto-area woman's experience reporting an alleged sexual assault to the university.