Agriculture On-Farm Student Bursary Program announced


The provincial government has announced a new bursary for students who work on a farm to help them learn more about the agriculture sector.

The Agriculture On-Farm Student Bursary Program offers up to $1,000 for students, with the province saying that a total of $125,000 will be awarded.

Eligible students must be employed by a farm that is registered in Nova Scotia and be enrolled in a post-secondary institution in September.

Students who work for a minimum of 250 hours can receive $500, with those who work a minimum of 500 hours receiving $1000.  

Victor Oulton, President of Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, says, "This is a step towards inspiring the youth of our province to consider pursuing a career in agriculture. Whether it is on the farm or in a supporting role – youth in agriculture remain valued and essential to the future of our industry."

The bursary program is a part of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership between the provinces, territories and federal governments.