Altercation leads to aggravated assault charge against Springhill man

A 64-year-old Springhill man has been charged with aggravated assault after allegedly attacking another man with a guitar.

Cumberland District RCMP were alerted Saturday night that there was a man at the All Saints Hospital with stab wounds in his back and neck.

Police say Revere Ruddick refused to say what happened to him, but their investigation revealed a second man had sustained broken bones in his face and arm, as well as a fractured skull, after an altercation.

The second man told officers he used a knife to defend himself after Ruddick attacked him with the guitar.

Ruddick was arrested on Sunday and held in custody an appearance in Amherst Provincial Court yesterday, and he's been remanded until Friday.

The victim remains in hospital, and RCMP are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact them.