Alton Gas opposition get small designated zone for 'peaceful protest'

A court order has laid out a small patch of land where Aboriginal and other protesters will be permitted to voice their opposition to a plan to store natural gas in underground caverns north of Halifax.

However, the document to be posted in the area also makes clear those who don't comply face arrest by the RCMP.

The designated area of about 22 metres by 38 metres is part of a Nova Scotia Supreme Court order that details how a temporary injunction against protesters on the Alton Gas property will be applied.

The document, which includes an aerial view of "the protest site", comes in the wake of the injunction ordered on March 18 by Justice Gerald Moir of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

The court order dated March 27 says the RCMP may arrest any person who violates the order.

It also says the protesters must conduct their protest peacefully and not set up "any inhabitation" at the site.