Antigonish RCMP investigating report of indecent act

Antigonish RCMP is reaching out to the public for assistance to solve two compalints of indecent acts that have been reported in the Antigonish area.

Police say on January 25, a complainant told them a man was masturbating in his vehicle in the parking lot of a hardware store on Church Street.

The RCMP describe the suspect as a white male, and say he was in a light blue or grey new model Toyota Tundra pickup truck with a canopy on the back and two hunting decals depicting deer.

Police say the man was last seen traveling West on Highway 4.

RCMP say they received an additional complaint of a man committing an indecent act in a store parking lot in Antigonish the next day.

Police say the complainant in this incident was leaving a department store on Market Street around 2:30 p.m. on January 18 when a man in a truck of a similar description pulled into a parking spot near the victim and began masturbating in plain view of her.

The RCMP believe the suspect in both cases is the same person, but require more information about him to proceed and they believe there may be other instances but due to their nature they have not been reported to police.

Police have determined the suspect commits these indecent acts purposefully in plain view of females as they are exiting shopping areas and has been sitting in his truck in both cases that were reported to them so far.

Anyone with information or who could be a victim should contact the Antigonish RCMP or Crime Stoppers.