Approvals issued for local pesticide spraying

The Department of Environment has issued six new approvals for pesticide spraying, covering over 1,350 hectares of forestry land.

Andrew MacMullin Forestry Consulting's applications have been approved locally for two properties in Colchester County and one in Pictou County, in addition to eleven in Guysborough County and four in Antigonish County.

Century Forestry Consultants Ltd has received approval for ground spraying twelve properties in Cumberland County, eight in Colchester County, and five in Guysborough County.

Finally, J.D. Irving Ltd. was approved for spraying on one property in Colchester County and eight in Cumberland County.

Three previously issued multi-year approvals will also permit spraying this year.

Government says spraying is done for forestry management as well as for safety along transportation routes, and any pesticides used must be registered through Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency.