Bill for the repatriation of Indigenous cultural property passes second reading

A private member's bill aiming to help return artifacts to Canada that are being held in foreign museums has passed second reading with a unanimous vote in the House of Commons. 

The Aboriginal Cultural Property Repatriation Act will now go to the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAN) for study. 

The bill was brought forward by Cumberland Colchester MP Bill Casey after a visit to the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre where he saw a reproduction of a Mi'kmaq ceremonial robe being displayed as the original artifact is being housed in a museum in Australia.

Casey says artifacts like this one belong here and adds that this strategy, which would obtain artifacts being held in foreign museums and bring them back to Canada, is long overdue. 

Once INAN completes its study and tables its report in the House of Commons, the proposed legislation will be slated for third reading, debate, and vote. 

If Bill C-391 passes third vote, it's then moved along to the Senate of Canada for further study and input.