Bouncy-house owner says N.S. red tape preventing him from running his business

The owner of a Nova Scotia children's entertainment company says provincial red tape has left his bouncy houses uninflated.

Lonnie Dugas of Broookfield, N.S., said he bought the business last fall and was told by the former owner that he would need to take the Labour Department's elevator lifts safety course.

Dugas says he immediately got his name on a waiting list for the course, which is run through the Nova Scotia Community College, but has been told it wouldn't be run until there are enough people to take it.

He says he has heard little back from the Labour Department in the meantime and is stuck paying off a business loan on equipment he can't use.

Labour Department officials say the course Dugas needs is actually an amusement safety course, which they will soon have online for easier access.

They say a total of three such safety courses are typically run in the spring when many amusement companies begin their seasons.