Cape Breton community mourning deaths of local fishermen killed Saturday

As officials continue to investigate a fishing accident that left two men dead in Cape Breton, the small community of Port Hood is left trying to make sense of the tragedy.

Hugh Watts, 39, and Glen MacDonald, 58, were fishing off the coast of nearby Colindale on Saturday morning when their boat capsized less than 100 metres from the shore.

Investigators say the two died as a result, though they would not confirm the cause of death.

Watts' 18-year-old stepson was on board as well, but managed to make it safely to shore.

Inverness South Fishermen's Association president Jordan MacDougall says both men had been in the fishing industry for a long time and that their deaths were a big blow to the community.

Since it was a workplace incident, the RCMP have handed the investigation to the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.