Cape Breton fire department issues warning for illegal burning

The Florence Fire Department in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) is fed up with illegal burning and are issuing a warning.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the department says enforcement officers will be accompanying the fire department to calls on days with burn restrictions and will be charging those responsible for the fire.

The volunteer fire department is overwhelmed with these calls, saying already overwhelmed fire departments are jumping boundary lines to help even more overwhelmed departments so they can catch up on calls

According to the province, last year fire departments in CBRM responded to 15 wildfires in April and 12 in May, but those numbers don't include grass fires or smaller-scale burns that got out of control.

In the post, the fire department offered an easy solution to avoid facing charges, saying "If you don't want to be charged, there is an easy solution. Don't burn on restricted days."