Cause of Dal AC fire in June still not released

The investigation into the origin of a fire that ripped through the Cox Institute of the Dalhousie Agriculture Faculty in Bible Hill is still ongoing.

The blaze on June 20th kept several local fire brigades busy for hours, battling a roof fire that flared up a number of times in the section known as "Old Cox".

Krista Higdon, a communications spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Fire Marshal’s office, tells the Truro News that the investigation file hasn't been closed yet, while Bible Hill fire chief Joey Bison says he hasn't heard anything either.

Space was allocated in the old Sears location in the Truro Mall for classes this fall, while other activities within the Cox Institute were relocated throughout the Dal AC campus.

In an announcement earlier this month, the campus said Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone announced initial funding of $650,000 to help get research programs back on track for those affected by the fire.

The Faculty of Agriculture provided $300,000 of that funding for the Agricultural Green Shoots Program.