Christopher Garnier released on breach charges

Christopher Garnier has been released from custody on a new bail document that clarifies a house-arrest exception.

Local Xpress reports Judge Bill Digby added wording worked out by lawyers Wednesday that allows the 29-year-old to leave his residence with one of his parents for two hours every Saturday to attend to personal needs.

Garnier will stand trial in November on a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Truro Police Constable Catherine Campbell, who was killed while off-duty in September 2015.

He was granted bail in December and then arrested in Cape Breton on February 19th and charged with three counts of breach of recognizance.

Halifax Regional Police alleged Garnier didn't answer his door when officers did a house arrest compliance check in Bedford and Millville, the two places he's permitted to live.

Garnier had been scheduled to stand trial on the breach charges next week, but Local Xpress reports that has been moved to two days in August.