Colchester County passes amendments, new bylaw targeting the disposal of hazardous substances

Municipality of Colchester County

Colchester County council held a special session Thursday night to discuss construction and demolition (C&D) material and the disposal of hazardous substances.

Amendments were passed to the C&D bylaw to restrict disposal of hazardous or dangerous waste in Colchester County to appropriate sites and ensure that proper insurance and bonding requirements are in place.

A new Disposal of Hazardous Substances bylaw was also approved for the general disposal of such materials, and a supplementary document outlines that the only permitted site is the county's facility in Kemptown.

It also outlines insurance and bonding requirements for disposal sites, which includes a minimum of $5,000,000 of third party liability insurance in effect at all times and a bond or letter of credit for $50,000, or another amount agreed to by the municipality.

The bylaw also states that an existing C&D disposal site has 30 days to arrange for the insurance and bonds.

A Notice of Approval has since been issued, stating the bylaws can obtained at the county office on Church Street in Truro, or online at