Colchester County's commercial kennel by-law up for second reading

Colchester County councillors are meeting Thursday night to consider Second Reading for the Commercial Dog Care and Kennel Facility By-Law.

The proposed by-law would mean new rules for anyone looking to start a kennel business in Colchester County.

Those include outdoor dog enclosures being at least 250 metres from an adjacent dwelling; a kennel or its enclosure at least 15 metres from any property line; and using opaque materials, such as solid boards, to fence in the enclosures.

The proposed by-law would allow dog enclosures 150 metres from an adjacent dwelling if there is an appropriate acoustical buffer, like trees.

The new rules, if approved, would not affect existing kennel buildings and does not include a limit on the number of dogs people can have on their property.

Councillors came under fire last summer when they proposed a temporary kennel development by-law that, if approved, would have prohibited new kennels, restricted current ones and limit the number of dogs a person can own.

Although council stressed the by-law would have been a temporary measure while issues with the current Land Use By-Law were hammered out, many people in the community were angry and worried about the effects on local businesses and dog owners, as well as the lack of a concrete timeline as to when the by-law would be lifted.

Thursday's meeting begins at 6 p.m. in council chambers at the County building on Church St. in Truro.