Convicted Halifax murderer William Sandeson wins $700 for lost sneakers, wine

A former medical student convicted of murder has won a different kind of court victory: He has been awarded nearly $700 after accusing a former roommate of stealing his sneakers and homemade wine from their Halifax apartment.

William Sandeson is serving a life sentence after a jury convicted him of the first-degree murder of 22-year-old Taylor Samson during a drug deal.

A Nova Scotia small claims court decision released Tuesday says Sandeson, an avid shoe collector who made wine in his spare time, was living with Dylan Zinck-Selig in August 2015 when the Dalhousie University student was arrested.

Their apartment was seized by police, and the ruling says Zinck-Selig was given limited access to retrieve essential items during the forensic investigation.

Afterwards, Sandeson claimed 18 of his 28 pairs of shoes were missing when his family went to collect his belongings, along with approximately 40 bottles of homemade wine and between five and 10 bottles of liquor.

He alleged that his former roommate took those items, which were valued at approximately $2,500.

The decision says Zinck-Selig admitted to taking a few things, but not all of the items.

Adjudicator Eric Slone says Zinck-Selig was not the only person with access to the apartment, the landlord and police also had access, and he therefore determined the former roommate took some, but not all, of the items.

He awarded Sandeson $699.45 for the lost items and process serving fees.

Sandeson is appealing his first-degree murder conviction, which carries a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.