Convicted murderer Sandeson granted copy of hard drive as he seeks laptop

A former medical student serving a life sentence for murder has been granted a copy of his laptop hard drive as he seeks to obtain the computer itself.

William Sandeson is in the process of appealing a first-degree murder conviction in the death of 22-year-old Taylor Samson during a drug deal.

In written submissions requesting the return of his computer, which was seized by police during his investigation, Sandeson said it contained personal information of a sentimental value.

Acting on his own behalf, Sandeson appeared before Judge Patrick Duncan in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax via video conference on Thursday in an attempt to set an application date.

Sandeson, sitting in a white room with his arms crossed, could be seen behind a small round table with documents spread out on the surface.

Crown lawyer Susan MacKay says she opposes the return of the computer while Sandeson's conviction is under appeal, but police are willing to make a copy of the hard drive to give to his father.

Duncan says he isn't sure if the matter is under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court or the province's Court of Appeal, but they will return to court in a week to discuss their next steps.