Critics have mostly negative reaction to provincial budget

The president of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union says the provincial government's new tax break for lower- and middle-class earners is being paid for on the backs of teachers and students.

Liette Doucet was commenting on the Liberal government's spring budget, tabled Thursday.

She says while there are some good measures such as an expanded breakfast program, there is no money to pay for more speech pathologists and school psychologists.

Doucet says after taking a hard line during the recent contract dispute with her union, the Liberal government's budget shows there was money available to help support the system.

The budget documents show the government spent 130 million dollars in flurry of announcements over the last seven weeks.

But Kevin Lacey of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation lauded the government for providing a tax break he says is long overdue and will help families who need it.

Meanwhile, Chris Parsons of the Nova Scotia Health Care Coalition is critical of government's priorities for health spending in the budget.

Parsons says a move to increase spending by approximately the rate of inflation is not enough after years of stagnation.