Cumberland North MLA presses government on Rainbow Bridge repairs

The MLA for Cumberland North has tabled a petition in the Legislature with over 5,000 signatures requesting immediate repairs on the Rainbow Bridge outside Amherst and a passable bridge in place as soon as possible.

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin of the Progressive Conservatives also pressed Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) Minister Lloyd Hines as to why, after twelve weeks, there is still no engineering report completed to determine if the bridge needs to be repaired or replaced.

The bridge, over the Nappan River on Highway 2, was closed in early December after an inspection found structural issues.

TIR says the detour in the meantime is Route 302 and the Southampton and Smith roads.

Smith-McCrossin says the detour suggested is not a long-term solution as the road is crumbling and can't handle the additional traffic.