Dalhousie Student Union organizing rally to protest proposed increase in tuition fees

The Dalhousie Student Union is organizing a rally to protest a proposed increase in tuition fees.

The school's Budget Advisory Committee released the operating budget plan on March 28th recommends a three per cent tuition fee increase for all programs and the international differential fee; the maximum allowed under the memorandum of understanding with the provincial government.

The report also recommends a budget reduction of $4.3 million, or one-and-a-half per cent, be applied to Faculties and service units to balance with revenues.

The committee says the challenge faced by the university is that projected operating costs are increasing at a faster rate than anticipated revenues.  

The student union says those two moves mean students are being forced to pay more for less, adding that "soaring tuition fees create up-front barriers to education."

A decision on the 2018-19 budget is expected at Monday's Board of Governors meeting, with the rally set for 2:30 p.m. at the Studley Quad.