Digby woman scammed out of over $35,000

RCMP are once again warning people to never provide financial information over the phone after a Digby woman was scammed out of over $35,000.

The woman was called around 6:15 a.m. on Monday from someone claiming to be from Scotiabank Fraud Section, asking if she had charged money to her Visa.

She hadn't, and police say the scammers talked her into giving them remote access to her computer and online banking.

The woman was told RCMP would be putting money into her account, which she later found out had come from her own line of credit.

Police say she was told to go to her bank to withdraw money, and then directed to go to other banks in Digby to deposit money into specific accounts.

RCMP say the scammers kept calling the woman throughout the day, asking for the status of their most recent demands.