Director of transatlantic race says Canada will bear the cost of rescuing sailors

The director of a transatlantic race that ran into trouble says Canada will likely bear the cost of rescuing several sailors from the Atlantic.

Two Canadian military aircraft were sent to help another sailor who encountered rough weather on Sunday off the southeast coast of Newfoundland.

The lone crew member was hoisted into a Cormorant helicopter and flown to St. John's.

The Royal Western Yacht Club of England, which organized the race, says 13 boats had dropped out as of last night.

Race director John Lewis says the coast guard will likely bear the cost of the operations, but adds the UK would do the same if the roles were reversed.

At least four sailboats ran into trouble in the mid-Atlantic on Friday and Saturday, and crews on board three of the boats had to be rescued.

The vessels were sailing in a race from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island when they encountered stormy waters and had to call for help.