Dramatic exhibit featuring plastinated human cadavers opens Thursday

A dramatic exhibit featuring plastinated human cadavers opens on Thursday in Halifax.

Body Worlds R-X is being shown at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

The display has raised controversy elsewhere, but the museum says it is being met with support at its first stop east of Montreal.

Museum curator Jeff Gray says he expected some backlash over the Body Worlds exhibition, but has instead seen unprecedented interest.

The Roman Catholic Church has raised moral questions about Body Worlds exhibitions elsewhere.

The exhibition features plastinated corpses, a complex technique that removes fluids from donated bodies and replaces them with plastics that harden.

Gray says the specimens offer a window into the world of human biology and physiology, including organs, muscles, the nervous system and skeletal structures.

He says this exhibit focuses on healthy living and healthy lifestyles and uses plastinated bodies as a way to educate people about human health.

The exhibition is a first in Atlantic Canada and runs until April 22nd.