Drugs and tobacco seized at Springhill Institution

Staff at the Springhill Institution have seized two separate packages of contraband in less than a week.

On Friday, July 27, staff confiscated a package from a visitor to the medium-security prison, which contained 22.18 grams of hashish and less than half a gram of marijuana.

Officials say the visitor was arrested by the RCMP and may face criminal charges.

On Monday, July 30 a package containing 147.85 grams of hashish, 27.10 grams of marijuana and 386.14 grams of tobacco from the perimeter of the prison.

Police have been notified and the prison is investigating.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) uses a number of tools to prevent drugs from entering prisons, like ion scanners and drug-detector dogs.

Tobacco products are also not allowed, since a complete smoking ban was put in place in all federal prisons in 2008.