East Hants, Stellarton scores well in latest Financial Condition Index for N.S. municipalities

The Department of Municipal Affairs has released data for 2016-17 which shows how each municipality in the province sets and manages budgets and manages capital priorities. 

The Financial Condition Index (FCI) has thirteen indicators, including revenue, budget deficits, and capital assets, for both rural municipalities and towns. 

In the report, The Municipality of Colchester County met the threshold and town average for ten of the indicators, scoring low only for combined reserve; a ratio to the operating and amortization costs.

Truro was not included in this year's list as the department said the town didn't submit the required documents needed to calculate the FCI.

The Municipality of East Hants scored well in twelve indicators, and Stewiacke met the threshold and town average for ten.

Stellarton scored well in twelve, but Trenton and Westville met just seven of thirteen, while Pictou and New Glasgow met eight, and the Municipality of Pictou County met eleven.

Rounding out the local entries, the Municipality of Cumberland County met the threshold and town average for seven and Oxford met nine.

The full report is available on the Department of Municipal Affairs website.